Top Indoor Plants For Coffee Tables

The Jade plant makes a lovely coffee table centerpiece. It can be grown inside with infrequent watering, indirect light, and care.

1. Jade Plant

Air plants don't need soil, so they'll look clean on your coffee table. Put them on wood blocks, spring stands, toys, or terrariums to look attractive.

2. Air Plants

Spider plants are attractive tabletop plants with variegated, long, narrow leaves that cascade. It also doesn't harm cats or dogs.

3. Spider Plant

With its big, glossy spherical leaf, Peperomia obtusifolia can brighten any coffee table! It thrives in grow lights and needs little irrigation when the topsoil is dry.

4. Baby Rubber Plant

Coffee Table Succulents Succulents thrive in low light and dry soil, surviving for lengthy periods. They can be grown in distinctive pots and come in many varieties.

5. Succulents

Like succulents, cactus plants require little care. Some contain blooms, while others, like moonlight cactus, are colored, adding beauty to the table. 

6. Cacti

Palm Leaf


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