Four Zodiac Signs Enjoy Being Single More Than With Pessimistic Partners

Though optimistic, you're a cynic. You whine a lot and get riled up easily, so you need a balance.


Someone who will give you hope when you fear the world is falling apart.

Because being the happy-go-lucky, cheery person in a relationship is exhausting, you're happier single than with a gloomy spouse.


You don't want to feel like you have to cheer people up when they just depress you. 

Negativity exhausts you, thus you're happier single. You hate it when folks ruin a fantastic date with tiny issues. 


You want a mate who makes you grin more than frown. Avoid thinking about the worst. 

Dreamers are happier alone than with pessimistic partners.


Try to keep positive people around. You don't need negativity to improve yourself or your situation.

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