Feeling Unappreciated Will Make These 4 Zodiac Signs End A Relationship

You have no qualms about investing effort into your romantic partnership. 


You are inclined to make an extra effort to ensure the happiness of the individual in your life because they merit the effort.

You are not interested in one-sided relationships; therefore, you will not continue in one where you feel unappreciated.


You have no desire to be approached or taken advantage of by the individual who is ostensibly the most affectionate towards you. 

You will not continue in a relationship where you feel unappreciated, given that expressing gratitude is not that difficult. 


You should not waste your time or effort on a partner who is incapable of accomplishing that much. 

You will not accept a partner who disregards your efforts simply because you fail to exceed expectations for others. 


When you put forth genuine effort, you desire recognition for it. You desire to know that your companion appreciates and notices what you are doing.

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