Despite Being Hurt Many Times, 4 Zodiacs Keep Their Heart Open

It was hard to get over your heartbreak, but you never stopped looking for real love. You want to find love, so don't let your exes convince you otherwise. 


You know your desires. You must discover it. You must be patient because not everyone finds their soulmate early. 

Despite prior sorrow, you remain a romantic. You don't think everyone will hurt you like your ex. 


You don't think you're unlovable either. You know you deserve a happy, healthy relationship. You know someone will fit you. 

Despite prior hurt, you keep your heart open.


Trusting others is hard, but you'd rather try someone great and find out they're not right for you than isolate yourself. 

You have had your heart shattered, but you still have an open heart. You still show vulnerability to trusted people. 


You will find love and enjoy your happily ever after, like you always desired. You believe it will happen.

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