Best 3 Emotional Zodiac Signs for Crying

They cannot handle seeing someone hurt because of the other emotions in the room. 


Seeing someone in pain will destroy their mood. They won't smile or laugh when someone is crying. When loved ones are upset, Pisces sense it. 

They please others because of that. They attempt to make everyone happy because they hate seeing people in agony.

This symbol is quite sensitive. Their insecurity makes them easily hurt. They assume others are judging them and jump to conclusions. 


Cancers also cry when loved ones suffer. They never want anyone to suffer because they are nurturers. 

They would sooner cry than see their loved ones cry. Since they donate, they will do anything to ease the agony. 

You cry more than most, but not because you're sad. Most of your tears are joyful. 


People helping others and doing good for humanity make you emotional.

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