8 Indoor Plants That Will Look Great On A Coffee Table

Aloe Plant for Coffee Table Compact aloe species like Crosby's Prolific and Spider Aloe are ideal for coffee tables. Aloe vera needs a larger pot to grow.


It's dubbed the blushing bromeliad because its core turns red before flowering. South or west-facing indoor spaces with sunshine are ideal.

Blushing Bromeliad

Mother-in-law's Tongue's sword-like upright foliage looks great on a coffee table! Choose dwarf Sansevieria for a little tabletop.

Snake Plant

A blossoming streptocarpus can brighten a boring coffee table. Thin, velvety leaves and brilliant blooms characterize this African violet cousin. 

Cape Primrose

The petite size and hair-like delicate and feathery foliage made this list. It also thrives in shade. Provide enough indirect light and water when needed, and it'll thrive.

Asparagus Fern

Boston Fern adds the most natural touch to your coffee table. Regular watering keeps it happy indoors. 

Boston Fern

Due to its stunning blue bunches, the grape hyacinth illuminates every surface! Moderate watering and partial sunlight suit them.

Grape Hyacinth

African violet's brilliant blossoms make it the coffee table plant prom queen. Creatively place it in a different pot. 

African Violet

Palm Leaf


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