6 Plants That Remind Me Of Asparagus Fern

The Ming Fern, like the plant, is feathery and has fine-textured leaves. But the Asparagus fern is less thick.

1. Ming Fern

Lace Fern's needle-like leaves and airy structure resemble Asparagus fern's lacy fronds. It blooms little white flowers.

2. Lace Fern Plant

Sprenger's Asparagus has feathery foliage. It has conical, upward-growing stems, unlike asparagus fern.

3. Sprenger’s Asparagus

This fern's individual stems resemble the tail of a fox and are adorned with delicate, velvety leaves. 

4. Foxtail Fern

Similar to the asparagus fern in its "flowy" growth pattern, but slightly more remarkable due to the larger size of its individual leaves!.

5. Maidenhair Fern

As with the asparagus fern, Ming Aralia has a compact, leafy growth that distinguishes it with a yellow and green hue variation.

6. Ming Aralia

Palm Leaf


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