6 Cute Plants That Literally Look Like Tiny Legos

Like little, colorful stones, these succulents are like potted Lego pieces from your youth.

1. Living Stones

Haworthia cooperi has amazing Lego-like leaves that glisten! These shiny, living Lego-like pieces on your tabletops will delight you.

2. Haworthia Cooperi

Marble Buttons resemble Lego balls with their spheres. They beautify your outdoor landscape and connect Legos to nature.

3. Marble Buttons

The plant's pebble-like body resembles little Lego pieces, giving it a stunning accent that brings back memories.

4. Split Rock

Lego-like flat leaves and slow growth characterize this one. Perhaps someone created a plant from flat Lego parts!.

5. Little Warty Ox Tongue

The Karoo Rose's cube-shaped leaves are like Lego blocks in your garden! Lego fans love its small size.

6. Karoo Rose

Palm Leaf


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