4 Zodiacs Learning Self-Priority in 2024

Cancer, you've attempted morality your whole life. The sensible thing. What makes your parents, lovers, and peers love you more. 


But this has failed countless times. It made others happy at your expense. You rarely admit your sadness since you don't want to ruin the mood. 

You're not a people-pleaser, so it took you a while to understand you weren't prioritizing yourself.


Work has been your priority. Your standing. Ability to succeed. And that must change. 

Gemini, you wish to relax others. Make them laugh and feel like they can tell you anything.


Say no to events and favors you can't attend instead than saying yes to everyone. 

Libra, you've avoided conflict because you want everyone to be happy. You want to avoid hurting feelings and turmoil.


You should feel safe and comfortable around them. Say something if someone makes you feel bad. Or leave. No need for suffering. No need to endure that in 2024.

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