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WATL Sanctioned League

We are excited to host all three World Axe Throwing League disciplines this year! 

Big Axe, Duals, and of course standard Hatchet!

Throwers will not only compete against other members of our league, but be ranked each week against all the other leagues/members in the world! You will be able to earn circuit points and potentially get a bid to a regional or televised tournament and even the World Axe Throwing Championship!


Hatchet $150
Big Axe $150
Duals $75 each

Hatchet & Big Axe $225
Big Axe & Duals $225

Hatchet, Big Axe & Duals $300



World Axe Throwing League Sanctioned league hosted by Last Frontier Axe Co.

Want to throw better and improve your axe throwing skills? Come throw with us on league nights Wednesday’s and Thursday’s, no axeperience required!

Big Axe / Duals April 5th to May 28th
Every Wednesday from 6-8pm

Hatchet April 6th to May 29th
Every Thursday from 6-8pm

Each league is 8 weeks long and we meet once a week for each disipline (Big Axe, Duals, Hatchet). The first 7 weeks are regular competition with the 8th and final week a tournament to determine the League Champion!

Everyone who signs up for league will get a Last Frontier Axe Co. membership for the duration of the league season. This includes 1hr of practice each week, discounts on merchandise, and discounts on larger bookings!

You can sign up for one or all! If signing up for Duals, please remember to put your Duals partners name and your Team Name when registering.

If you are new to Last Frontier Axe Co. but have thrown in another sanctioned WATL venue, please enter your Player ID number when registering.

Each league season we will also host a Tier 3 WATL tournament, separate from the end of season tournament. This will give each of you an opportunity to earn more circuit points and get used to throwing in a tournament setting. These tournaments are open to the public, not just league members!

Please visit for the most up to date rules or send us a message with any questions!


League is open to all ages permitted to throw at our facility, 10 years old and up.

Prizes and awards




Champions Axe Trophy




Tournament Runner Up

Runner Up Axe Trophy


Regular Season

Most Bullseyes

Axe Trophy

Regular Season

Most Killshots

Axe Trophy

Weekly League Fees will be waived if Axe Throwing Membership is purchased.
(Membership must be purchased for the duration of league season or annual membership option)